“Becoming a member of Business Chicks was the single smartest business decision I have made - every event I turn up to, I meet at least one person who will take my business to the next level and another five who will support it - and I leave feeling inspired, supported, motivated and determined. There is nothing like Business Chicks to help you find your way.”

"How do you know you are truly accepted as an equal, a business woman and a human being who has so much to offer herself, her family and her community? Attend a Business Chicks event and you'll receive all the support, validation and inspiration you need."  M Ward, CEO - KidsXpress Ltd

“Being a mother of three and having only recently entered the work force full time, after part time work for 17 years, I am feeling my confidence come back fiercely. To be part of such amazing energy with 700 women in one room was inspiring. I walked back to work that morning almost like I was walking on a cloud, I had a bounce to my step and a smile from ear to ear. Almost like knowing a really good secret that nobody else knows.”

“Even though there were 1600 people there, I truly felt very special in the fact that it was almost an intimate brekkie with me and Olivia Newton-John. The energy was great and she is gorgeous ... so thank you Business Chicks for presenting such an awesome event.”  
Susie Mulholland Teacher Trainer for Australia & NZ Heal Your Life Seminars

"Business Chicks is for everyone. I can't think of any other networking organisation that my clients and partners enjoy so much. No other events do I have people begging me for a ticket."  K Delavere, National Client and Franchise Manager - Careers Multi List

"A well organised impressive & uplifting event with key messages that leaves you so inspired & motivated."  K Tonellato, Telesales Growth & Development - Telstra Business

"Business Chicks allows women to connect in a friendly, fun and relaxed environment. The impact a Business Chicks event achieves when they bring women together and arm them with inspiration, motivation and passion is invaluable. I feel uplifted every time I leave your events. Eternal Thanks!"  L Adnan, Partnerships Coordinator - Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

"What a great way to start the day I always come away inspired as the speakers are so motivational and moving. And I get to meet some really interesting new people."
  A Wynn, Director - Alseasons Hospitality Group